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Work from home - Happy at home Medical Biller

Due to the rapid growth of the healthcare industry, Medical Billing and Coding professionals have become incredibly in-demand in the workforce. Because of this great need for certified Medical Professionals, at-home jobs and consulting start-ups have become more common in this field.

How Does At Home Medical Billing Work?
There are generally two types at-home Medical Billing jobs: Professionals who work for an in-house Medical Billing department, but are able to perform their job out of their home, and at home consultants who do Medical Billing on contract for a variety of different companies.

Medical Billers Who Work For a Company
In most cases, it is very difficult to get a Medical Billing job that allows you to work from home without first establishing yourself as a reliable worker within a company. Medical Billers have a lot of financial responsibility with a doctor’s office or firm, and therefore your employer must find you to be detail oriented, responsible, and trustworthy. However, once you establish yourself at a company, it is very possible to make the switch to at-home medical billing.

Medical Billing Consultants
Medical Billing consultants work independently, and acquire clients whom they bill for on a freelance basis. Smaller offices or clinics that don’t want to hire a full-time employee or offer benefits may choose this type of Medical Billing professional. To start your own at home business, begin by writing your business plan, registering your business, printing business cards, and building a website. Then market your services to smaller companies in your area. Also scope out the job boards for offices in the healthcare industry that are hiring a Medical Biller, and offer them your services as an alternative.

At home Medical Billers will perform the following functions:

• Prepare statements for the insurance companies
• Entering patient information into Medical Billng software
• Mailing statements to patients
• Posting payments
• Managing unpaid claims
• Submitting Medical Billing reports to doctors
• Answering patient payment questions

At-Home Medical Billing Requirements
To do Medical Billing out of your home, you need a few supplies to make your business a success:
• A quiet office space
• Storage for files and patient records
• An area for assembling mailings
• Computer
• Printer
• Internet Access
• Telephone
• Fax Machine
• Copier

Medical Billing From Home Scams
Unfortunately, due to the popularity of working from home as a Medical Biller, many scams that misrepresent themselves as real jobs have surfaced. These types of scams are posted on websites such as Craigslist, and other job sites, and generally require you to pay them for a kit or some kind of guide that allows you to start your own business. How To Protect Yourself Constantly be on the lookout for scams. If a job requires you to pay a fee up front, it may be a scam.

There are also a few other steps you can follow to ensure that you are getting a legitimate work at home job.

• Ask for a list of references of other people who have purchased the “Getting Started” kit or guide. Make sure they give you more than just one or two; instead, require a list of names so that you can pick and choose whom you are going to contact.
• Check the name of the hiring company with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s Office to see if any previous purchasers have filed any complaints against them.
• Search for the name of the company online. Often, disappointed customers will blog about their negative experience, or submit the name of the company that scammed them to discussion boards.
• If the hiring company is asking you to purchase a certain type of software, contact the company that makes the software and ask if there are any common problems or complaints that they are aware of.
• Allow a lawyer to review any contracts that you are asked to sign to make sure that they are legitimate and to explain portions of the contract that you don’t understand.

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