Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Choose a medical transcription school offering job placement

We will post part of an excellent piece on medical transcription job placement.  We find it very enlightening for those potential students in medical transcription training.  A few schools do what Chad suggests; of course, Med-Line and then Career Step, Med Workshops and Meditec as being great examples.

I find it very curious that all medical transcription schools are not actively involved in hand placing students into medical transcription positions after they graduate from their medical transcription course. The industry standard still remains handing graduates a list of medical transcription companies that have agreed at some point to talk to their graduates. The end result continues to be graduates turned away with a statement of “come back when you have 2 to 3 years’ experience.” A few months later the medical transcription school will contact the graduate to see if they have a job in order to fulfill reporting criteria.

This was my experience when I graduated from a medical transcription program. The program was good, and I received the list upon graduation. I called every company on that list only to hear the same “call back when you have the experience.” Fortunately a friend helped me find a job because I was too new to know where to look. About two months after graduating, I was contacted to see if I had a job yet.

It is interesting to me to hear potential students who say that other schools they are considering offers job placement. When I ask them to ensure they are active in placing them versus giving them a list, the response I get back after they make the call is the same…”Not what they expected”.
When a student spends a significant amount of time learning medical transcription from home, they are often left in the position of struggling to find employment without help from their medical transcription school. I have had students contact me from other programs with the comment that it felt like they were more interested in graduating numbers of students than in ensuring these graduates have a viable medical transcription career.

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Choose a medical transcription school offering job placement

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