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How to Find Work from Home - Administrative Assistant (Secretary/ Medical Administrative Assistant)Jobs

Working as an administrative assistant from home is a good alternative job that can guarantee good income, but mostly really flexible hours, while saving on commuting, clothing and possibly on other, indirect, costs. Besides, many employers prefer to outsource administrative work than paying a hired employee in house.

To find such job opportunities, which are often referred to as virtual administrative assistant positions, you need to follow several steps:

*Prepare a strong resume to highlight any administrative work experience. Your future employer is mostly concerned with your level of experience and how this can benefit their organization. Therefore, is extremely important to have a well-structured resume and to list any relevant working experience, volunteer work, education and awards or certifications granted. Besides, your resume should include outstanding referrals and testimonials to certify the quality of your work.

*Posting your resume on the Internet will help you discover some wonderful job opportunities, but will also enhance your options to be discovered by potential employers. The Web is increasingly becoming the home of a variety of job databases and freelance job postings where you may find job openings looking for virtual administrative assistants. On several job boards you may list your hourly work rates or the fees required for a specific project and you may post your resume online so that employers can contact you directly. Some of the most popular resources for job openings and resume posting for virtual administrative assistants are,,, and Other websites that offer opportunities for freelance work are and

*Besides posting your resume on the Internet looking for virtual assistant jobs, you need to shop your skills to area business. This includes informing business owners in your area about the benefits of hiring you as a virtual administrative assistant. By providing a cover letter and your resume you could possibly create a new position that would require working from home as a virtual assistant for a local business. All you need is good tactics for approaching local business owners in order to become a full-time employee or an independent contractor.

*Networking is essential, particularly when you become a virtual administrative assistant. You need to know the trend of the market and the needs of employers in order to expand your network of business contacts and professional connections. Many administrative assistants that work from home use network website such as LinkedIn, where millions of professionals exchange information and create business relationships, participate in online forums and message boards, or join the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA).

*Address your inquiry to organizations such as the International Virtual Assistants Association ( and the International Association of Virtual Office Assistants ( Such organizations provide virtual assistants with training, certification, events, and networking to equip them with the necessary skills to perform tasks like setting appointments, word processing, spreadsheets, emailing and posting mail correspondences, electronic filling, and transcription from the comfort of their own home. Besides, you need to possess great communication skills, ability to multitask, excellent typing skills, and proficient skills in grammar and writing.

*Finally, you can always make the transition to working from home if you are currently employed as an administrative assistant in house. Explore your options with your current employer. In many cases, employers are willing to have their administrative assistants to work from home, trading off for a free office and saving money in office expenses.

To be qualified as a virtual administrative assistant you may possess a high school diploma or even a graduate degree. It all depends on the employer's needs, the type of business that you work for and the specific project. However, although there are no standard educational requirements to be hired as a VAA, you need to possess computer skills and be familiar with MS Office and different kinds of software. You may also pursue continuing education classes at a local community college in order to acquire the necessary skills and get further training in a particular area. Besides, there are numerous websites that provide virtual administrative assistant training for a fee, but you need to check if they are credible. As there is no nationally accredited virtual assistant training certification, some of these websites may be a fraud.

Another consideration is to have the proper equipment and resources in order to be able to work from home as you would do in house. This means you need to be equipped with a computer with a high speed Internet connection, fax machine, a printer/scanner/copier, two landlines and a home office that can promote a proper work environment.

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