Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Find Online Trainscription Jobs Without Experience

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Finding medical, legal or other transcription jobs online can be tough if you have no experience. In fact finding a transcription job anywhere can be tough without the right training and experience. So how do you get the experience without leaving your home or paying for training and still get paid? Learn how to find online transcription jobs without experience.

1. First and foremost while you may not have to have transcription experience you must have control over the English language, more then a basic knowledge of office software, and a high speed typing ability. Applications are commonly separated by testing that involves typing and basic computer application skills.

2. Accutran Global is a medical, legal and financial transcribing company that hires contractors. Contractors are not required to have a transcription background, but must have computer and average typing skills. Applicants must fill out a questionnaire and take a computer skill test. Application is long, thus you should allow your self plenty of time to work through the paperwork. Resumes are not required.

3. Tigerfish is also a company that does not require previous transcription experience. The most successful applicant's through Tigerfish is said to be very fast precise typists. Applications are reviewed upon positions opening. All applicant are required to complete testing on computer skills and a typing test. Expect application and testing to take at least an hour.

Most employers are also willing to waive experience requirements from students that graduate from Career Step. The practicum in the Career Step course is composed of doctor dictations provided by several of Career Step's employer partners. Here are some companies that hire their graduates:M Modal, Accentus, Alpha Transcription, Amphion, Etransplus, Stentel, Presynct, 360 Transcription, Lemar, Superior Global, EMTS, Transcend, Assistmed, Nuance, Intermountain Transcription Solutions, Trastech Medical Solutions, TRX, Northeast transcription, MediType, MX secure and ProbityMT


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